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Vrchat Avatars

“VirtualVizions: Crafting Characters for VR Worlds”

Vrchat Avatars

Our VRChat avatar-making company specializes in crafting immersive and unique avatars tailored to the diverse tastes of the VRChat community. Our skilled team of 3D artists and animators brings your virtual persona to life, ensuring smooth integration into the VRChat platform. We prioritize both creativity and performance, guaranteeing avatars that look stunning while adhering to VRChat’s technical requirements. Whether you desire fantasy characters, futuristic beings, or lifelike representations, we have the expertise to make your vision a reality. Join the virtual world with avatars that truly reflect your personality. Elevate your VRChat experience with avatars from Short Sure Designers

This Remarkable Portfolio of Ours

See it. You Must Have Faith

The finest VRChat models we’ve created for our previous clients.


Urban Web Designers counts itself incredibly fortunate to have worked with such wonderful customers and provided them with excellent service dynamic layouts.


$ 500
  • Include 3D mockup
  • Include source file
  • 7 Days Delivery
  • 4 Revisions


$ 800
  • Include 3D mockup
  • Include source file
  • Include social media kit
  • 10 Days Delivery
  • 8 Revisions


$ 1500
  • Include 3D mockup
  • Include source file
  • Stationery designs
  • Include social media kit
  • 2 weeks Delivery
  • 10 Revisions

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